= Tokyo Olympics 2020: Empty washoku showcase? =

3 min readAug 9, 2021

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With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics being staged in 2021 against the majority of Japanese who prefer it to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic upsurge with the delta variant, there has not been much about showcasing the food being served in Tokyo.

What information is being covered by the major media outlets seem very generic statements without specific details of representative dishes.

The “Washoku” branding was kicked off by UNESCO in 2013, the same year Tokyo secured the 2020 Olympics (through much corrupt scandlous bribing, a usual expectation of the IOC for decades). It would seem that 2021 would be the year to showcase what defines washoku heavily.

A Worldly Experience for your Tongue. Japanese Cuisine at the Olympic and Paralympic village — Hiromitsu Nozaki from Waketokuyama


He states that washoku is actually adapted from foreign cuisines. “Tempura (Japanese fried seafood and vegetables), nanbanzuke (marinated fried fish), ganmodoki (tofu fritter), etc., all came from foreign countries, and were recreated in Japanese style.

Chili peppers, peppers, and other seasonings commonly used in washoku are from abroad as well. When I go to South Korea or China, I often say, ‘I am not here to teach washoku, but to return the favor.’ It is thanks to foreign cultures that we have washoku, so I hope that people from all over the world can use our cuisine as a means of communication at the international melting pot that the Olympics and Paralympics are.”

Oddly, though the above interview of the honest chef focuses on washoku, there are no dishes presented in pictures at all.

Even more odd, somehow, washoku now has taken on spiciness which is a very recent trend apparently inspired by global popularity of Korean food and gochujang (fermented Korean gochu pepper sauce), despite capiscum peppers being the most hated vegetable by Japanese children.

To even these oddities out, just a hint of the purported grandeur of washoku is mentioned through no other conveyance than as convenience store food.

Japan’s incredible convenience stores thrust into the Olympic spotlight
Aug 4, 2021


(CNN) — Tokyo is considered one of the world’s top food cities, drawing travelers from around the world who spend their days sampling renowned Japanese dishes, from sushi to ramen.

“We can’t traverse the galaxy of food outside the Olympic limits, but a conbini (sic) contains a culinary world unto itself, a bounty of bento boxes, fried meats, sushi, noodles galore and all manner of elaborate plastic-wrapped meals and rare snacks,”